by Cut Hands

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"…my skull is a drum, each great beat drives that leg, like the point of a stake, into the ground, this sound will drown me, there is no way out, I am caught in this cylinder, this well of sound... there is nothing anywhere except this, the white darkness moves up through me like a swift tide rising, it is a great force which I cannot sustain or contain, which will surely burst my skin…"

Following 2011's striking debut album, Afro Noise I, Cut Hands returns with a new 12" single on Blackest Ever Black.

On the A-side, Africa's deadliest, most beautiful snake breeds with insane, vaudou-obsessive polyrhythms to give birth to the monstrous, consuming, convulsive 'Black Mamba'.

On the B-side: 'Krokodilo Theme', an extraordinarily pensive, heart-rending piece first aired on the soundtrack of last year's Siberia: Krokodil Tears documentary. A version with drums appeared on the Afro Noise I (Volume 2) vinyl.

These two tracks herald the new Cut Hands album, also titled Black Mamba and due to be released on Susan Lawly in Autumn 2012.

Written and produced by William Bennett. Original vévé artwork by Mimsy DeBlois.

Cut by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering, London. BLACKEST010.

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A1. Black Mamba
B1. Krokodilo Theme